Where to Stay

Where to Stay

Greater Boston has the accommodations you’re looking for.

The North End & Waterfront have the harborside luxury to make your stay exquisite; to be in the center of it all, explore the Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and Downtown; the excellent universities of Cambridge mean there’s plenty of overnight options to be found just across the Charles river in Boston’s Left Bank. To search for an ideal hotel, click here.

Two particularly convenient and nearby accommodations include The Ritz Carlton, Boston Common and The Hyatt Regency Boston.

What to do

Massachusetts is rich in automotive tradition, leaving plenty of other things to do in and around Boston before and after the car show. Be sure to visit the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, home to “America’s oldest car collection.”

Did you know . . .

  • the word automobile is a French word derived from both the Greek word “autos”, meaning “self”, and the Latin word “mobilis”, meaning “moveable.” A vehicle that moves itself.
  • in 1860 a group of federally appointed commissioners drew up plans for Boston Harbor improvements including a seawall that is one of the boundaries of Fan Pier.
  • in 1912 W.O. Bentley broke the class record at the Aston-Hilton hill-climb with his wife Leonie in the passenger seat.
  • “Fordism,” credited to Henry Ford, is the mass production of inexpensive automobiles coupled with a decent enough wage for the workers to afford them.
  • in the late 1920s, Ferdinand Porsche was a lead engineer for Mercedes-Benz.